Intimate Lightening


Initially made popular by the adult film industry and adopted by Hollywood movie stars. Intimate Lightening become more popular along with Brazilian waxing and laser hair removal. Many people find the discoloration of male and female intimate areas to be embarrassing with out realizing that the discolored intimate areas are completely normal.

What is Intimate Lightening

Intimate Lightening or anal and vaginal bleaching is a process of lightening the naturally dark areas called ( Hyperpigmantion) of the vaginal, penile, anal area, under arms, knees, nipples to match the rest of your skin.

Why is the skin discolored

The more melanin in the area, the darker the skin color. Melanin production increases when the skin is exposed to heat , sunlight, or UV rays. The discoloration is completely normal but can be worsened by the hormonal changes and also caused by

  • Pregnancy
  • Ageing
  • Friction
  • Sun Exposure
  • Chemical Burns

How long will it take to see results ( How many treatments)

Most people will see results very quickly in just a few days or weeks. However , it all depends on the causes and severity of the discoloration. Everybody is different. Discoloration like scars or burns will typically show results quickly. While ongoing hormonal issues can take longer.

Do the products contain Hydroquinone

No. Our products are all natural and do not contain harsh chemicals. No hydroquinone, kojic acid or mercury , that is not appropriate for intimate areas.

After getting my intimate areas lightened , will the discoloration come back

We can't predict how long the results will stay. If there is another hormonal imbalance or change then, yes the discolouration can come back. However our clients have had long lasting results and you should use the Lightening Solution for maintenance purposes at home.

How long will the treatment take

The treatment will approximately take 15 to 20 minutes.